Mission Statement


The mission of the Hampton Roads Hurricanes Travel Baseball Association, “Canes”, shall be to help promote and maintain high moral character in the children of our community through the teaching of good sportsmanship, honesty, loyalty, courage, teamwork, and respect for authority. We believe Baseball is a fun and challenging game that requires players to develop the ability to overcome mistakes and to look forward to future opportunities. The Canes Organization will ask players to work hard toward excellence, not perfection. Ultimately, the development of skills and team focused play will be the guideline for our program, which we believe will create better baseball players and result in our athletes becoming leaders within their team, school, and community. Canes families, coaches, and board members are committed to coaching proper fundamentals and fostering competitive playing opportunities, so that all players grow in their abilities and knowledge of the game within a safe and supportive environment.


  1. Canes Players will consistently demonstrate growth and excellence in the skills and knowledge needed to be productive citizens.
  2. Canes Players will demonstrate an awareness and appreciation of the world around them outside of baseball via academic success by having a GPA of 2.5 or higher and community contributions by means of various charitable Canes-sponsored initiatives throughout each year.
  3. The Canes Organization will engage all players in rigorous training activities on safe, well-maintained facilities.
  4. The Canes Organization will recruit, retain, and support a volunteer staff that holds the players to high moral, academic, and ethical standards which shall always take priority over their athletic ability.
  5. The Canes Organization will foster effective partnerships with families and our community, while promoting positive relationships between and among coaches, players, and families.


  • Continuous player growth and achievement are the core priorities of our organization.
  • Excellence is characterized by a humble, engaged, and dedicated baseball community that exceeds expectations and strives to make themselves better every day.
  • Player achievement is consistently expanding ones’ understanding of the game/world while constantly pushing to achieve one’s highest potential.
  • Achievement is more than performance on a baseball diamond.
  • Organization shall provide experiences that are designed to engage players in making contributions as productive citizens.
  • Organization volunteers must be committed to providing a positive and motivating environment for all players.
  • Family and community involvement are essential to our mission.
  • Recruiting a highly engaged volunteers are paramount to the success of our players.
  • Player wellness supports player success.
  • Players learn and perform best in safe and secure environments.